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Shared Masternode

What is a Shared Masternode?

A Shared Masternode (or masternode pool) is a service made possible by Masternodes plateform as WESTAKE. It’s a real physical server, acting as a Masternode on the Blockchain, so all the features of a Shared Masternode are the exact same as a regular Masternode. It participates to secure the blockchain network, and by doing so, gets rewarded by the network itself. A Masternode service, is setup on a server and is visible by the blockchain. For security purposes, it should not manage any crypto wallet (to avoid wallet hacking), and should be linked to a cold wallet with the collateral amount required to run a masternode.

A shared masternode service allows you to be a co-owner of a masternode. It is therefore possible to invest only a small amount of the whole required collateral. You can invest in a part of the collateral and it’s not anymore a requirement. When your Masternode receives theses rewards, you get a percentage of those, depending on your initial investment.. The network automatically generates the rewards to the wallet, linked with the shared masternode, and WESTAKE instantly credits those rewards on the investor’s account. Those rewards become instantly withdrawable on your account, without any limitation.

You have the possibility to invest in Shared Masternodes with many different cryptos and WESTAKE offers many of them. Every crypto have different generation algorithms. The rewards can be generated daily, weekly, or more, and the collateral is often different. The return of investment also depends of the crypto, the size of the blockchain, and the number of Masternodes which are currently active and online.

Why participate to a Shared Masternode?

The first reason to participate to a shared masternode is definitely the minimal amount needed for the collateral. To be a masternode owner, you need a usually big collateral. It’s the amount of coins necessary to validate your masternode status on the network. Depending on the masternode you want to invest in, the collateral is for example equivalent to $67 321.39 for Dash or $4 296.05 for Deviant Coin. Usually, better the reputation of a coin is, higher is the equivalent usd amount of the collateral. If you want to be a masternode owner on serious projects, unlessthe money is not an issue for the investor, the best solution is to go for shared masternodes.

If you barely have money to be the sole owner of one masternode, you should split your investment instead, in more than one project. Any financial investor expert would advise never to put all your eggs in the same basket. The shared masternodes is the most adequatet solution for someone who wants to invest in Masternodes and split the risks on differents projects. With a minimal collateral requirement, investors can decide to spread their investment in many different emerging crypto projects at the same time with a low amount of investment.

To start using a shared masternodes services, users need to deposit the amount they want to invest, to their wallet. With WESTAKE, those coins are stored in a secured place, unreachable from the public network.
The steps are pretty simple as the only thing you have to do is deposit your coins on a WESTAKE wallet, invest in the shared masternodes of your choice and wait for the rewards to appear on your account. You can instantly withdraw your rewards or decide to reinvest them to have a bigger share of the shared masternode. WESTAKE makes it possible for you in just a few clicks and skipping all the technical skills you would need setting up your own masternode. WESTAKE also keeps all it’s masternodes up to date, so you won’t have to worry about server updates, ever.

How invest in Shared Masternodes on WESTAKE?

To invest in a shared masternode you are interested in, you firstly need to possess the coins related to this shared masternode. To get them, it is necessary to possess bitcoins (or any other tradable currency) and exchange them through an Exchanger. As we know, it can sometimes be complicated to exchange bitcoin into some other cryptos (like BITG or DEV), WESTAKE solves this issue by giving you the possibility to exchange your bitcoins directly from your WESTAKE account.

Once you have the specific masternode coins on your WESTAKE account, you can invest them in 2 different ways.

  • - Invest in a classic shared Masternode. The concept relies on what we described so far regarding the Shared Masternodes.You have to deposit the amount of coins you want to invest in the shared masternode. Once the shared masternode collateral pool is completely filled, the masternode is created, configured and ready to work on the blockchain. Every co-owner of this shared masternode will receive proof of stake rewards, divided equally by the number of shares.
  • - Invest in an Instant Shared Masternode. For theses shared masternodes, there is no need to wait for the investment pool to fill in and reach the required collateral. A masternode is already created by WESTAKE and running ahead. When a user invests in an instant shared masternode, he buys the collateral shares that WESTAKE possessed for this masternode. When the shares of WESTAKE reaches 0, we create and fund a new one.

Active Shared Masternodes on WESTAKE

Currency Deposit Address Masternode Amount Amount Generated
BITG GezDkCij67ZdHFefuitsdnMnSMm7DKDAna 2 500.00000000 BITG 0.00000000 BITG Details
BITG GMoGaWc8db9RnfmWoSJEwYUYdvxFXRkeMT 2 500.00000000 BITG 2 500.00000000 BITG Details
BITG GTQV2BFtwMxMVuzei4g7wfhh6JfWFrvYuh 2 500.00000000 BITG 2 599.45000000 BITG Details
BITG GcknFiCVReqWwz3qgEjpwSdpLQ49V7TXbA 2 500.00000000 BITG 91.80000000 BITG Details
BITG GK5AoQUJCWsSx12ebxEiKfRRSFF3fRACJt 2 500.00000000 BITG 160.65000000 BITG Details
BITG GbzapFwKMZsX3K9eiT4xUy7up8GMGEekbj 2 500.00000000 BITG 160.65000000 BITG Details
BITG GJKisq32QieuW53dNeBwzhb7ySVi7W4GQ5 2 500.00000000 BITG 223.55000000 BITG Details
XZC a9z4tv63cZQ7WiVhoduYJqaZLnXsJnR3iY 1 000.00000000 XZC 37.50000000 XZC Details
BITG GNYJfctcvaW7GSZUh7hSppnDsptZBGrbUx 2 500.00000000 BITG 209.95000000 BITG Details
BITG GSzwLemC9SwzFRZDAGxyiBXy9pbqE9sGz1 2 500.00000000 BITG 225.25000000 BITG Details
BITG GdDrXvSvfLVcRVoieLj6jbUDKonk638iWT 2 500.00000000 BITG 243.10000000 BITG Details
BITG GVHfjMhZJQCPKatZ3xtSZ5pHNypCc5oUFn 2 500.00000000 BITG 100.30000000 BITG Details
BITG GMGb73FRw6Ri3ugAngbcmfcCsAxz1ZzX6x 2 500.00000000 BITG 162.35000000 BITG Details
BITG GfLDLAsdANeQ3RJWTAuq2wsNwPLmPTi5TU 2 500.00000000 BITG 371.45000000 BITG Details
BITG GdDdscYNvBk9YckS2gQ8XRmuCSXaNZHDR2 2 500.00000000 BITG 401.20000000 BITG Details
XZC a5JT7nnP53kLJcg71g4mCMtWyvckxMH1um 1 000.00000000 XZC 82.50000000 XZC Details
BITG GXe8s5pfA8EEyruuxAgJiZHrfFPNAmhv7P 2 500.00000000 BITG 635.80000000 BITG Details
BITG GeZkTNi7HP7fGoikmdCigEpKrMDRJVjjLv 2 500.00000000 BITG 701.25000000 BITG Details
XZC a4b7mD3YySQ529M2UyFjEVJqUubsNUm2BK 1 000.00000000 XZC 142.50000000 XZC Details
XZC aEffBXfjzDX9Sr3LxEkY4d7ANcJvAbb5bS 1 000.00000000 XZC 120.00000000 XZC Details
XZC a3mSPn6wHSXVt3CCvJMeC82fMcunvXCyUt 1 000.00000000 XZC 127.50000000 XZC Details
BITG GLkCqNzHhVVkYTukUyNzQpafZAiYGCKYpz 2 500.00000000 BITG 933.30000000 BITG Details
BITG GVMbEzAUnCsjDD7Y4udzTE7StnmbpvnDWR 2 500.00000000 BITG 931.60000000 BITG Details
BITG GHr9xk95H7rdzoayswrkHcbpJebnvTgocW 2 500.00000000 BITG 1 050.60000000 BITG Details
BITG GfeC9YFvjap5VAd6gafSSwrZQ765dYasoy 2 500.00000000 BITG 1 015.75000000 BITG Details
BITG GMgtSyxe6qjwS2P1kAEiVrqwpXSMHzMHK6 2 500.00000000 BITG 1 077.80000000 BITG Details
BITG GMUZZHAAtXi887N18hQCwnkJ9hKipHcSpg 2 500.00000000 BITG 1 053.15000000 BITG Details
BITG GP5jCMt5jGBUzHBM5iuyD2jkCprorsTvCK 2 500.00000000 BITG 1 007.25000000 BITG Details
BITG Gfy218fy3jcrRnsnzzjUTaGpnkQPYfFeW7 2 500.00000000 BITG 1 059.10000000 BITG Details
BITG GRP6t4xe9jDnYB4qY9AXLYYjEwFqtvYgyi 2 500.00000000 BITG 1 075.25000000 BITG Details
BITG GJ3hrHCcJgbxL7PXZ8CmGdLsXxh7z2k6kJ 2 500.00000000 BITG 1 311.55000000 BITG Details
BITG GdgxovqcWqoEeVVDBsE4GHGaCkkSuCtFW3 2 500.00000000 BITG 1 527.45000000 BITG Details
XZC aExi4PdDADw6pqnzt9QBUfpGKSDbQb2eBg 1 000.00000000 XZC 187.50000000 XZC Details
BITG GbTXMSHvskrG5QhS51uD5GwJY8FJss8oyf 2 500.00000000 BITG 1 764.60000000 BITG Details
BITG GKA2ZbL27To9PB9d9RMYp3v5rX8DfGNkS5 2 500.00000000 BITG 1 586.10000000 BITG Details
BITG GKhtsfXebZpGLm7pHmkp141SYBC7ghqEAD 2 500.00000000 BITG 1 788.40000000 BITG Details
XZC aDVuNKtfTJcHyffAqhmD2cckS3LGUSTKhm 1 000.00000000 XZC 172.50000000 XZC Details
XZC a76Jq4z8FrNPiiKioBcjHZupxjnqUW25xm 1 000.00000000 XZC 135.00000000 XZC Details
XZC aCTmSPsKcxYodJpUZdEDmBpwSLhJ21pqcx 1 000.00000000 XZC 142.50000000 XZC Details
XZC aLACjRUPwwaWPrVhmRdNHWN26uSfmb7Exz 1 000.00000000 XZC 135.00000000 XZC Details
BITG GUUytTts26XqcgAXiLVgRrPbiSPZ9NCvcM 2 500.00000000 BITG 1 773.95000000 BITG Details
BITG GSRvsJHQYKqPJkeu3yh6jyAFf5nb36iyjJ 2 500.00000000 BITG 1 821.55000000 BITG Details
BITG GLuzBUEVofxbpPbQfd4BPP6NXq439vbVKB 2 500.00000000 BITG 1 926.10000000 BITG Details
PIVX DN9MzfAFxMifMgR9eBjwQuspQV5e8bLHmF 10 000.00000000 PIVX 1 412.00000000 PIVX Details
BITG GVa6wc8hNAPeufbEpswex6nNJ7wU7Lz6QD 2 500.00000000 BITG 1 919.30000000 BITG Details
BITG GeG8EwMHEfftLN4DE3PE9ZFeC9hv5EMW3s 2 500.00000000 BITG 1 892.10000000 BITG Details
DASH XukU8ahogyk5gLmMBvY5HBT9xPs6zD5VPw 1 000.00000000 DASH 82.85521741 DASH Details
BITG GLP71ng2CrsQx7rKzua1ZYWDD1eToZfJ9G 2 500.00000000 BITG 2 026.40000000 BITG Details
XZC a5f9TrYg114q1fJAQduZrBpUShnCkhGcXt 1 000.00000000 XZC 157.50000000 XZC Details
XZC aAWeSjPwpjbHSMxrBDwfmUvR2RuwxjoBfG 1 000.00000000 XZC 217.50000000 XZC Details
XZC aDYUQTpRJWRCUSQXodY2ajaD2Gh328m8Kq 1 000.00000000 XZC 240.00000000 XZC Details
BITG GKBWBFBnUwycPd8N9sBAJtdMaNnWAqxC1V 2 500.00000000 BITG 1 790.10000000 BITG Details
Currency Deposit Address Masternode Amount Amount Generated

Good Practices on shared masternodes platform

Thanks to all the information we gave you above, you hopefully understand how shared masternode works. However, you also need to know about good practices to make your investment safer.

First of all, never leave too many coins in your online wallet. The amounts invested are unreachable by the public network, but the small part of the non invested coins in the users wallets (hot wallet), are connected to internet. Security is our top priority. WESTAKE put all it’s efforts to offer you the most secured shared masternode plateform exisiting online. In other words, we advise you to either re-invest your rewards in shared masternodes or simply withdraw your coins on your favourite hardware wallet like Trezor (link) or Ledger. As for any online crypto services where funds could be kept in a hot wallet(exchanges, online wallets, shared masternodes platforms), always think cold wallet / hardware wallet.

Finally, keep in mind that taking part in a shared masternode represents a financial investment. Only invest the funds you can afford to lose and never invest money you need to live.

Those best practices will keep you worryless while investing in shared masternodes.

WESTAKE is making your coins work for you!

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