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Masternode Hosting

What is a Masternode Hosting Service?

A Masternode hosting service give you the possibility to order a real server where a Masternode is installed and configured. As any Masternode, it will help to secure the blockchain of the related crypto and qualify you for rewards. Order a Masternode by a Masternode hosting service as WESTAKE make you the sole owner of your Masternode. As a real Masternode, it will be reachable by the Blockchain and doesn’t contain any crypto. it will be linked to your cold wallet where are stored the collateral amount required to run a masternode.

As the sole owner of the Masternode, you will need the entire collateral which is the total amount needed to validate it by the Blockchain. When the Masternode is ready, you will get the rewards to your personal address and can enjoy it at any ways you want. By the Masternode hosting service, WESTAKE will never get the rewards for you. You are the only receiver of them.

It’s possible to have a Masternode by a Masternode hosting service for many crypto and WESTAKE offers many of them. Keep in mind that the rules are differents for every cryptos. The frequency of the rewards can be a couple time in a day, daily, weekly, or some others are monthly. The crypto, the size of the blockchain, and the number of Masternodes which are currently active and online, also impact the return of investment.

Why choose Masternode Hosting?

The bigger point why the Masternode hosting service is really interesting is that you don’t have to send us the collateral. You will keep in your personal and cold wallet all the coins required to have a Masternode. The only coins you have to send to your WESTAKE wallet, are the coins for the monthly payment of your Masternode. For the Shared Masternode service it’s an obligation for the platforms to collect all the coins. In that Masternode hosting service case, it’s not.

Secondly, the payment is a fixed amount who will be the same every months. For the Shared Masternode service, we keep a percentage of the rewards generated by the Masternode. In this case, the price of the service is impacted by the value of the cryptocurrency, and by the quantity of the rewards generated. In fact, if the value of the crypto grow up, you will save more money by the masternode hosting service.

Set Up a Masternode can be complicated for somebody who don’t have skills on it. Order a Masternode by the WESTAKE masternode hosting service make it definitely easier. You don’t need specific skills and just have to follow our instructions. We take care about all the setups, configurations and regular updates to keep your Masternode always up to date and secured.

How to use the Masternode hosting service on WESTAKE?

The process to use the Masternode hosting service on WESTAKE has never been so easy. Let’s create a free account if you don’t already have one, and go to the Hosting page. You will see here the monthly price of all the Masternodes available for you on WESTAKE. Choose one and follow the instructions. You will need to give us some uncritical informations about your collateral and the link we’ll put in place to setup your Masternode. We prepared an easy to use and step by step procedure so you will not be lost because of misunderstable step.

Then, just take care about the required amount on your WESTAKE wallet for the monthly payment, and that’s it. You will receive the rewards on your personal wallet. If you don’t have enough money to pay the Masternode hosting service, you will receive an email reminder.

List of currents Hosted Masternodes on WESTAKE

Currency Deposit Address Masternode Amount Amount Generated
XZC aHwiYYMspYy1iHFUt8LuJme55oqowZ2yxt 1 000.00000000 XZC 37.50000000 XZC Details
XZC aA2movcZA2XBmdENBnMDfgBrrYv21aMBM3 1 000.00000000 XZC 82.50000000 XZC Details
BITG GV43rjuPBU2ePSVeR4mekd4NWui27K9hbz 2 500.00000000 BITG 884.00000000 BITG Details
DASH XkniaUfVwnDrcKAZsznNjQYe7Zz6MwUZAt 1 000.00000000 DASH 127.04625222 DASH Details
DASH XihxmpDtdGxdG7iRtxZyGZBYn8yGYsb9wL 1 000.00000000 DASH 0.00000000 DASH Details
DASH XcPmCS8NzpEc9oeAhn9MYtNaZZsz2MuyAv 1 000.00000000 DASH 104.40497329 DASH Details
DASH XshK7HLUqFagjc8g4QcMqA4FqHBnmM46B5 1 000.00000000 DASH 132.18754984 DASH Details
XZC aFuJ2S27XpcLbwsmqJZBQHE8FVhqfWtQ4M 1 000.00000000 XZC 60.00000000 XZC Details
Currency Deposit Address Masternode Amount Amount Generated

Good Practices on Masternode hosting platforms

You have all the knowledges to start with your first masternode hosting now. However, we highly recommend you some good practices to enjoy completely your experience and make your investment safer.

Firstly, you have to remember that you never have to let too much coins in an online wallet. All the coins invested on WESTAKE by the hosting masternode service are stored on your cold wallet, unreachable from internet and completely safe. WESTAKE work hard everyday to make your masternode hosting platform the most secured you can find. Our advices also participate in good practices to reach another level of security. In other words, never keep coins you don’t need on your WESTAKE wallet, and let them in a Hardware wallet like Trezor or Ledger. Everytime think about hardware wallet.

To finish, always keep in mind that, invest in a masternode is a financial investment even if you use a masternode hosting service. Always use for your financial investment the money you don’t need to live. Simply use for those invests the money you can lose.

Keep you worryless while investing in masternode hosting service by following those best practices.

WESTAKE is making your coins work for you!

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