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Kickstart your revenues, safely

Westake is a building a way to earn more cryptocurrencies with greater security & value for the entire community.

Westake's power goes way beyond what you could think : we aim to provide a safe place to store cryptos while allowing everyone to invest them in Masternodes. We do it in transparency, and easier than ever.


Take Care of Our Customers

Secured Platform

Cold wallets, regular security updates, local network infrastructure.

Quick and Easy to Use

Make the best to simplify your experience. We take care of your comfort on our platform.

No Payments Required

Any payment is required in advance.
We'll take fees directly from rewards.

Can Get Daily Earnings

Several crypto allow to get rewards everyday.
Simple, fast and automated.

Instant Withdrawal

Send your crypto at any time to another wallet. No processing fees, just blockchain transaction fees.

Internal Exchange

Invest in a masternode with your crypto. Use Westake to Deposit, Exchange and Invest.

Simple and Clear steps

How it Works


Real masternodes


Dollars invested*


Dollars redistributed*

Westake is a new leading shared masternodes platform.
These amounts represent the real gains earned since only few months ago.
*These values may vary depending on the market of crypto currencies.

Different ways to invest in masternodes

More Details

Our Supported Masternodes

Don't have to wait your masternode

Discover right now our new system to invest instantly in a shared masternode!

Invest today and get your first rewards tomorrow!

Start Using for Free

Exchange easily your coins directly on Westake

You have no coins available for masternodes?
Westake proposes you to exchange them directly on our platform.
Save time and exchange safely.

Our History


Follow the development of our platform.
All new features will be uploaded in this history.

Jul 2018.Registration available

Basic registration, simple and efficient!

Aug 2018.Deposit and withdrawal enabled

Manage your wallet as you want, with our important choice of crypto currencies.

Sep 2018.Investment in shared masternodes open

Make all investments clear and easy to do.

Nov 2018.Affiliation program

Because we would like to thank your loyalty and your work to bring us more customers, our affiliate program is done for you!

Jan 2019.Instant invest

In order to more easily meet the demands of our users, we have integrated a new instant shared masternode system. We called it "instant invest".

Jan 2019.Internal exchange

To make your experience as pleasant as possible, our internal exchange facilitate and accelerate your transactions.

Mar 2019.Hosting masternodes

We are aware that the safety of your corners is a priority. That's why we are working than Westake propose you to invest in a masternode while keeping your coins in your wallet!

Mar 2019.A main new feature

Westake is working to simplify your experience, keep in touch with us, this new feature will interest you!

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receive 40% of our profits

Help Westake to grow up the community and you will receive back a part of our profits for every sponsored customer who has invested in masternodes.

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The Blog of Westake

Popular Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The available balance is updated for each deposit, exchange, withdrawal and reward coming from masternodes.
This balance can be used anytime you need.

Each cryptocurrencies are created with specific rules, as the rewards. Those ones are created by the team who established the cryptocurrency. The rules could not be modify by Westake.
Some are daily, some are weekly or monthly. The times on Westake website are just estimated. For exemple, a Masternode Zcoin generate currently his rewards after 28 days while a Deviantcoin get is arround 1 day.
To know more about it, read this article

A Full Masternode is a Masternode where you are the only one to invest. You need for that one, at least, all the coins needed to invest, but you will receive all the rewards generated.
A Shared Masternode give you the opporunity to invest with other people in a Masternode. Your rewards will depend of your invest.

There is 2 ways to invest with Westake:
- Invest with the Masternode's coin. For a Dash Masternode, invest with Dash
- Direct Invest: For a Dash Masternode, you can invest with Bitcoin or something else (Coming soon)
To know more about it, read this article

The Masternode have to be alive for a minimum duration, specially if it’s a shared one and there is others people who want to continue to earn rewards with it. In fact, the minimum duration is 20 days.
Then, you will be able to take back your initial invest after the next rewards are generated.
To know more about it, read this article

The Masternodes have a minimum of duration of 20 days + the time needed to generate the next rewards.
A Full Masternodes can be stopped by the owner at any moment after the minimum duration.
If one or several investors decide to stop their Shared Masternode, and their cumulated investment amounts is more than 20% of the Masternode cost, Westake will have to close it.
To know more about it, read this article

If you invested in a Shared Masternode, you could choose to auto-reinvest your funds.
In this case, when this Masternode will be stopped, all your investment will be immediatly reinvested to participate at the next Shared Masternode.
If you disabled the auto-renew system, your investment will return to your available balance. To know more about it, read this article

You can withdraw your coins from your Westake available balances to your external wallet at any time.

We're just taking a 5% commission on the income generated by the masternodes, and you don't have to pay anything in advance.

As you can imagine the security is for us the first priority.
We built the network architecture and the development of the platform with special attention.
Read the article on our official blog about the security on Westake.Read this article

24/7 support

Free & Responsive Support

We are always ready to help you solve any issues you may encounter while using Westake. Our Customer Support is available 24/7.